Vodacom Nigeria launches Fleet Management Solution for Nigerian Businesses

November, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – Vodacom has launched its Fleet Management solution in Lagos, the reliable, secure and effective solution is developed in partnership with Tracker South Africa.

The solution which comes in two packages, LiveTrack and TomTom, enables companies of any size to easily manage and control in real time, all the activity of their fleet of vehicles and machines and then create reports containing the most important information to optimize and guarantee the fleet security. For a flat monthly charge, companies can equip their fleet with a complete solution based on GSM and GPS technologies and access it at any time from any location through an Internet connection.

Benefits of the solution include real-time tracking and monitoring of fleets via a secure customer web portal, location detection of vehicles in need of assistance, Instant emergency notification, speed violation, alerts when vehicle enters or leaves a predefined or Geo-fenced area and detailed trip reports specifying start and stop times, as well as start and end locations of a company’s entire fleet.

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Vodafone Re-certified as Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Master Partner

October, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – Cisco has re-certified Vodafone Group PLC as a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Master Partner worldwide. This comes after Vodafone reaffirmed its capabilities of delivering cloud and managed services using Cisco technology. The certification rewards partners for their expertise and investments for building, selling and delivering cloud and managed services world-wide.

Mark Shoebridge, Executive Head of Network Operations, Vodacom Business Nigeria, the operating company of Vodafone Group PLC in Nigeria, said “we provide world-class cloud and managed service solutions to our customers and this is why we use Cisco technology. This certification validates our commitment and ability to provide the highest service levels possible and employing class leading technology to serve our customers. Our customers can be rest assured that our Cisco powered managed service and technical capabilities, deliver a secure and reliable high level of service and performance. We are pleased to have qualified once again for this certification”.

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Vodacom stresses the need for unified communication for the growth of Nigerian SME’s

October, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – At the recently held Nigerian-South African Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting, the topic of discussion was how technology can increase the productivity of Small and Medium Enterprise businesses in Nigeria. Speaking at the event, Dare Ogunlade, General Manager Cisco (Nigeria) Limited highlighted the benefits of Unified Communications (UC) to SMEs which includes cost reduction on communication as the technology increasingly enables Voice calls, instant messaging, document sharing and video conferencing allowing SME employees work from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Ogunlade explained that Nigerian SME’s employ around 84.02% of Nigeria’s labor force and contributes about 48.47% on the nations GDP. Empowering this workforce with technology that enables them work from home, log on to a system, contact and provide services to their customers even after close of business goes a long way to improve the productivity of these SME businesses in Nigeria. He also spoke about how Nigerian SME’s can improve profit margins by boosting overall operational efficiency; this is especially true for businesses that have mobile employees.

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Technology drives competitive advantage for SMEs in Nigeria

September, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – At the recent NigeriaCom 2015, CIO Forum, Vodacom Business Nigeria shared insight into how technology can help small and medium enterprises adapt to market changes, increase productivity, and improve competitive advantage.

Speaking at the forum was Wale Odeyemi, Vodacom’s Executive Head of products and services at Vodacom Business highlighted the benefits of Unified Communications to SMEs. One of the most important benefits of Unified Communications for SMEs is that customers can access the network from multiple devices at the same time. This makes it easy to manage contacts, send and receive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls and carry out multiple communications at the same time, which enables video conferencing to take place on a laptop while a voice call takes place on a worker’s mobile phone.

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Vodacom Business provides internet connectivity to Lagos school

June, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – The Federal Science and Technology College, Yaba, is well-known for producing some of the country’s best students in the science and technical fields at secondary school level. To help improve the results of the school even further, Vodacom Business Nigeria has stepped in and provided WiFi services for students and teachers in classrooms, laboratories, workshops and staff offices. Vodacom Business Nigeria also sponsored a 220KVA powered generator to help keep the school connected during power outages.

Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria, Guy Clarke said, “Internet penetration in Nigeria is still low, especially in public schools. With the Power to You Project, we aim to bridge the digital divide that exists in communities and schools without access to ICT. It’s for this reason that we’re proud to be able to provide this connectivity to The Federal Science and Technology College, Yaba.”

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Vodacom promotes e-Learning in public and private schools

May, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria: Furthering its mission to empower youth through communication technology, Vodacom Business Nigeria hosted fifty-six students from the S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School, Ikate Elegushi on a special tour of the company’s facilities to learn about the cloud computing and the technology behind e-learning.

The students of the S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School run by Loving Gaze, an independent non-profit organization, that serves the unprivileged communities in Lagos State, were given the opportunity to learn about new communication technologies and their importance to education. As a practical demonstration of e-learning, the primary five students aged between nine and eleven were introduced to virtual classroom and also communicated with their classmates placed in separate conference rooms located on different floors of the building.

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Vodacom contributes to the development of skilled and qualified women in ICT in Nigeria

May, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria: More than 100 Nigerian girls from private and public senior secondary schools in Lagos have come together to celebrate the International Girls in ICT Day. Vodacom Business Nigeria, in keeping to its commitment to empowering youth through ICT, has partnered with e-Business Life Communication Limited to support female senior secondary school students interested in studying Information and communication technology at tertiary education level.

Speaking at the event was Mrs. Obafunke Atanda, Senior Manager Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Atanda revealed that the number of females currently employed in ICT in Nigeria is extremely low compared to males and that this can be attributed not only to the relative lack of females studying science and technology at secondary and tertiary institutions but, also the number of females given access to formal education.

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Vodacom Business Nigeria Wins Two Prestigious Awards at Beacon of ICT 2015 awards

April, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria: Vodacom Business Nigeria has received yet more awards, adding ICT Infrastructure Provider of the Year (Data Centre) to its list of accolades. This year Vodacom Business Nigeria won the Cloud Services Provider of the Year and ICT Infrastructure Provider of the Year (Data Centre) at the BoICT Award 2015.

The awards were received by Vodacom Business Nigeria’s Director Legal Services; Nkechi Newton-Denila, at the Beacon of ICT Awards Ceremony held in Lagos, an event that brought together leaders in the industry to celebrate the success and achievement of individuals and organizations in the telecoms industry over the past year.

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Vodacom Business Nigeria Connects Customers to High Speed Internet Exchange Point

April, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria: Vodacom Business Nigeria has connected its global network to the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN). The IXPN provides a platform that allows several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network operators in Nigeria to exchange traffic between their networks by means of peering agreements based on transparency and confidentiality. Vodacom Business Nigeria is the first enterprise solutions provider connected to the newly created IXPN exchange point in Ikeja, Lagos.

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Vodacom Business Nigeria Joins The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi)

February, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria: Vodacom Business Nigeria, has become the newest addition to the list of signatories of the Convention on Business Integrity (CBi), after signing an undertaking to observe the values of the Code of Business Integrity within their own organizations and in their dealings with their customers and partners. On Monday February 9, 2015, the company represented by Douglas Craigie–Stevenson, Managing Director Vodacom Business Africa and Guy Clarke Managing Director Vodacom Business Nigeria, signed documents to formalize the company’s membership to CBi.

According to Douglas Craigie-Stevenson, the company has always advocated for highest level of integrity in its business operations, “Joining the Convention on Business Integrity shows our commitment to conducting all our business affairs with honesty and professionalism in the Nigerian business space” He said.

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