Businesses can be more productive and efficient by adopting new technologies

December 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – As Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics continue to transform and disrupt the business world, the Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria, Lanre Kolade, calls on Nigerian Businesses to adopt new technologies to drive productivity and efficiency to remain competitive.

Speaking at the recently held Business Day CEO Forum Nigeria 2017, an annual thought leadership initiative in collaboration with McKinsey & Co, Kolade said “Technology such as IoT enables growth across business sectors. Today, many organisations are using this technology to cut costs, reduce risk, increase revenue and efficiency”.

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Vodacom Business Nigeria Wins Four Prestigious Industry Awards

November 2017, Lagos, Nigeria -Vodacom Business Nigeria has been named the Internet of Things Provider of the Year, the Telecom Business of the year and the Enterprise Service Provider of the Year at the 2017 Nigeria Tech Innovation and Telecom Awards (NTIT Award). The NTIT Awards is an industry celebration organized by the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, aimed at recognizing organizations and individuals at the forefront of technology and innovation in the industry. Mr. Lanre Kolade, Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria was also decorated with the Industry Personality of the year award.

“We are honored to receive these awards. This endorses our commitment to delivering world-class total communications solutions to businesses in Nigeria. Our gratitude goes to our customers whose businesses are driving the Nigerian economy and the men and women at Vodacom who work round the clock to support these businesses” said the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Lanre Kolade.

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Vodacom urges enterprises in Nigeria to seize opportunities in Internet of Things

September 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – In the constantly evolving world that we live in today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the fastest growing technologies the world over. It is therefore essential to seize the vast opportunities that this growth presents in transforming businesses. This is according to Lanre Kolade, Managing Director for Vodacom Business Nigeria, who gave a keynote speech at NigeriaCom 2017 organized by Informa Telecoms Group.

Across all industries, IoT solutions have been adopted to provide a host of different benefits, from increased Return on Investment (ROI) to developing stronger relationships with customers’, with far-reaching benefits projected for the future. Today, Telecommunications Operators are facing a period of flat growth for core services and significant decline in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). This drastic change threatens the survival of the Telecoms industry, as substantial declines in user spending on voice and text services, have caused a decline in telco revenue. IoT has delivered a big growth opportunity for the industry due to the volume of connections expected and experts have projected the market will reach $14.6 trillion global market size by 2020.

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Internet of Things(IoT) to Transform Lives and Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria says Vodacom

July 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – With increasing numbers of people seeking healthcare services, rising costs and pressure to innovate, the healthcare sector needs to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the current healthcare system in Nigeria. This is according to Lanre Kolade, Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria, during his keynote speech at the Information Communications Technology and Telecommunications (ICTEL) Expo, 2017 organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A recent report from the World Health Organisation’s Global Healthcare Workforce Alliance shows that the primary challenge for Nigeria’s healthcare system is inadequate production and the inequitable distribution of health workers, where the ratio of health workers per ten thousand citizens sits at 1.95. This means that citizens seeking healthcare services outstrip the availability of trained staff and those in need may be far from the nearest hospital or clinic.

Kolade said “The Internet of Things is a powerful tool for us to successfully address Nigeria’s healthcare challenges. IoT can be used to increase access to healthcare by extending the scope of care services to rural and hard-to-reach areas and ensuring that essential medicines are available where and when they are needed. This technology is powering connected medical services that enable healthcare professionals to diagnose and consult with patients and first responders remotely, no matter where they are.”

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Vodacom advocates for gender equality for women in ICT

June 13, 2017, Lagos, Nigeria: Vodacom Business Nigeria in its bid to address the gap between women and men in the ICT sector, where, according to the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics says that the ratio of Nigerian female workers to male in ICT was 3.3:1 in 2012; organized a one day ICT field trip for female students from Baptist Girls Academy, in Lagos to motivate girls to choose future careers in ICT.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the share of Nigerian females in the ICT workforce rose steadily from 19.02% in 2010 to 22.96% in 2012, with 78,757 Nigerian females employed in the sector at that time. With companies like Vodacom who are actively accelerating gender equality in the workplace, it is expected that the number of Nigerian females in the ICT sector must have grown substantially between 2012 and now.

When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, Vodacom leads. Currently, 43% of Vodacom’s workforce is female. In the last year, promotions of female employees rose by 9%, while 17% of the executive workforce is female. Vodacom’s working policies also allow women more flexibility around maternity leave and returning to work. However, with the decline in the number of female candidates admitted into Engineering, Technology and ICT faculties between 2014 and 2015, it is important that more companies join in the promotion of females in ICT education in Nigeria.

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Internet the key enabler of Classrooms of the Future says Vodacom

June 13, 2017, Lagos, Nigeria: The days of classrooms where a teacher’s desk sits at the front and students’ desks are neatly arranged in rows will soon be over. In the future, classrooms will no longer be described as rooms within a school, where students are taught, but rather any space where learning takes place. The key enabler of mobile learning today is the Internet.

Today, assignments are completed online and uploaded through classroom portals. Posting of grades and results are also done online. However, in the near future, group projects will be completed through collaborative software and students will use cloud storage instead of flash drives or paper to store their work. Teachers, parents, students and administrators will communicate through social media platforms designed specifically for education or for a school. All this will be made possible through the power of the Internet.

Speaking at the Total School Support Exhibition (TOSSE) last Friday was Funke Atanda, Senior Manager, Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria. Atanda said “Teachers need to embrace the internet and they need to be computer literate because laptops and other educational technology will eliminate the use of paper. As the Internet and computers become more accessible and cheaper; instead of teachers copying handouts and exams to give to students, they will be pushed online to students”. She added that the role of the teacher will change from instructor to guide, maintaining that the responsibility now lies with teachers to become tech savvy and ready for not only future classrooms but future learners.

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Vodacom Business Nigeria receives recognition as the IoT Focused Company of The Year

April, 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – Vodacom Business Nigeria has added more awards to its list of accolades, winning The Internet of Things (IoT) Focused Company and Enterprise Solutions Provider of the Year Awards at the 2017 Beacon of ICT (BoICT) Awards. The BoICT awards aim to recognise outstanding contributions to the growth of ICT in Nigeria.

While receiving the awards at the Beacon of ICT Award Ceremony, which was held in Lagos last week, Vodacom Business Nigeria’s Managing Director Mr. Lanre Kolade said “We are proud of our achievements over the years and are grateful to all our customers who have come to realise the benefits of using our solutions. These awards recognise the leadership position we have established in delivering enterprise-grade total communications solutions in the industry. We will continue to take the lead in leveraging technology to drive businesses growth which will in turn accelerate economic development in Nigeria”.

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Vodacom trains UNILAG Students on cutting-edge technologies that can drive growth in Nigeria

February, 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – In its continued commitment to youth empowerment through ICT, Vodacom Business Nigeria organised a two-day industrial visit for students from the Computer Science Department, University of Lagos, to introduce them to new technologies that will drive global trends in 2017 and beyond while giving them practical experience on how these technologies can be applied in everyday life. Some of these technologies, such as the Internet-of-Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Big Data, Physical and Digital Integration and On-Demand are already being used by the students, but are technologies that their generation will advance on to create systems and solutions that will further develop their environment.

During the visit, the students had first-hand experience of Virtual Reality and Smart home technology which is powered by Internet-of-Things. IoT makes it possible to connect all kinds of assets, from industrial machinery to heart monitors, streetlights to chiller cabinets. These assets are equipped with sensors that monitor their environment and with a network connection they can communicate.

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Vodacom and Kaduna State partner to launch ICT for development initiative in Nigeria

February, 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – Vodacom has partnered with Kaduna State in Nigeria to launch an ICT for development initiative. The project will support mass service delivery in healthcare, education and agriculture through the deployment of tailored ICT solutions to promote greater efficiency in each sector.

The first, ‘SMS for Life 2.0’, is a mobile technology-based healthcare program in Kaduna State which aims to improve the delivery of healthcare for citizens who access public health services as well as increase the availability of chronic or essential medication by monitoring drug stock levels. Vodacom is the technology partner for the initiative, which is a public-private partnership with Novartis and the Kaduna State Ministry of Health. Vodacom has commenced with the training and deployment of SMS for Life 2.0 in Kaduna, with over 250 facilities using the platform to date. The initiative will be implemented in all thirty-six states.

Vuyani Jarana, Chief Officer of Vodacom Business, says “Vodacom is taking the lead in leveraging mobile technology to address healthcare, education and agricultural challenges in Africa. We see technology playing an increasing role as an enabler of economic development as governments on the continent are able to leapfrog developmental stages. Vodacom’s critical role through its partnership with Kaduna State is to help improve service delivery in the region, supporting healthy, well-educated and economically active citizens.”

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