Cloud Security Solutions

Network and Data Security Solutions that keep your IT infrastructure Safe

Our enterprise-grade security services will protect your network and IT infrastructure – preventing unauthorized access and keeping your data safe.

Vodacom security solution has been bundled into three product offerings namely:

Our email security filters emails for spam and unacceptable content such as Trojans, viruses and phishing software. Anti-spam filtering can also be used to ensure that corporate users only receive work-related email. In addition, our email security and anti-spam filtering solution means that companies no longer have to invest in a suite of security protection applications, which constantly require updates or revisions.

Our hosted web security content filtering solutions provide you with:

  • Web content filtering
  • Blocking of unwanted web browser traffic
  • Ability to monitoring employee browsing trends

Why consider our web security content filtering?

An effective web security content filtering solution is essential for organisations. If your employees are permitted to roam the web and download information as they see fit, your organisation will be exposing itself to many serious problems, such as:

  • Network security – certain websites and download files contain software that can intrude on your network security.
  • Content – certain content if located on your employees’ machines could have legal implications for your organisation.
  • Output – a productive employee is focused on the task at hand, not surfing the internet during working hours.


Our network perimeter security solution allows corporate IT managers to restrict the levels of access corporate users have to various segments of their network. The network security solution features advanced web content filtering to limit what kind of content corporate users can access online. It also offers various security features to protect network perimeters from unwanted intrusions, malicious viruses and spyware software.