Vodacom VSAT Solution

Organizations require a reliable and ubiquitous connectivity to extend their services from their office locations to their customers, suppliers and partners irrespective of their geographical locations. Businesses in underserved or un-served locations in Nigeria are unable to gain access to affordable communication services which is a critical success enabler for their business operations. Satellite connectivity therefore helps bridge this wide gap.

Vodacom VSAT Solution is designed to provide connectivity that is reliable and cost effective. With its low entry cost and ease of deployment, it enables banks to connect their remote offsite ATMs and also provide SMEs and organizations with Off-shore operations high-speed connectivity that can be rapidly deployed across various terrains and geographical dispersed locations anywhere in Nigeria.

Benefits of Vodacom VSAT Solution:

  • Reliable high speed service
  • Custom-built to suit customer need
  • Rapid deployment & support available anywhere in Nigeria
  • Supports customer applications
  • Centrally managed from our CSOC
  • Enhanced network availability up to 97%

Our VSAT Solution comes in three packages:


pdfVodacom VSAT Solution brochure
Download Vodacom VSAT Solution brochure – 852 Kb