Hosted Lync – Instant Messaging Solution

Hosted Lync from Vodacom enables you to streamline communications using your existing devices and applications. The business enterprise instant messaging solution provides communications features including employee availability information, instant messaging (IM), desktop sharing and file transfer. Hosted Lync helps your employees connect more efficiently and effectively.

Hosted Lync is closely integrated with Microsoft Office, providing seamless communication with the MS Office applications like Outlook and SharePoint. Furthermore, you can connect and collaborate from any location using an internet connection.

Any business that makes significant use of telephony could see immediate benefits by using our business enterprise instant messaging solution. Hosted Lync allows you to make and receive internet calls from your Microsoft Lync platform (Lync to Lync calls) instead of using traditional telephony. Call quality is high, while costs are lower than a normal telephone call – and you save on infrastructure expenditure.

Hosted Lync provides an excellent platform for collaboration:

  • Let others know the best way to contact you
  • Manage your contacts easily
  • Choose the communication method that meets your needs
  • Efficiently communicate from Microsoft Office applications
  • Store a conversation history
  • Connect and communicate from the device of your choice
  • Audio, video and web conferencing
  • Save on capital and IT running costs