Hosted Email

Vodacom Hosted Email is a hosted email solution that gives you all the benefits of having your own email server. Except you won’t have to carry all the costs and resource demands of purchasing and maintaining your own email server.

Think of hosted email as leasing your own Hosted Email server, rather than purchasing one. By implementing hosted email from Vodacom you do not need to incur the costs associated with the purchasing and licensing of Hosted Email software.

The need for security and anti-spam implementation is removed as well as the need for IT staff to maintain it.

Full email control with our Vodacom Hosted Email solution

With our hosted email solution, using Vodacom Hosted Email, you have an entire mail server at your disposal. You have full administrative control, not only of your inboxes, but of the mail server itself.

The Vodacom Hosted Email solution includes:

  • configurable security features
  • a unified messaging platform
  • calendaring
  • anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • comprehensive collaboration and synchronisation features.

What’s more, you can still access your email via the web. You get Outlook Web Access that gives you all the features of Outlook in an online environment.

Vodacom Hosted Email solutions

Vodacom offers reliable, robust and affordable hosted email solutions located at the Vodacom Data Centre.

We can tailor a hosted email solution to meet your specific business requirements. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all your data and email communications are secured by firewalls, protected from viruses, fully filtered against spam, and continuously and securely backed up.

Using Vodacom Exchange as your hosted email solution saves you hardware, software and support costs. It allows your IT staff to concentrate on other important tasks, while your company email capability keeps on running.