Hosted Email Benefits

Hosted email solutions from Vodacom – powered by Microsoft Hosted Email – provide numerous benefits.

The greatest benefit of using hosted email is that the burden of managing your email is removed – and you gain access to a range of additional services and expertise.

Using hosted email on the Hosted Email platform from Vodacom will save you money and increase business efficiency.

Benefits of Vodacom Hosted Email

Here’s a quick summary of how your business will benefit from using hosted email solutions from Vodacom, with full Microsoft Hosted Email features.

Hosted email means less expenditure and more functionality

Using remote means you don’t have to buy, maintain and manage your own email server. This saves you money and resources upfront, as well as monthly maintenance expenses. By using hosted email from Vodacom you will no longer need to dedicate costs or resources to managing your email server, installing updates, backing up email, and maintaining spam and virus protection.

Our hosted email solution provides you with the latest updates, security features, backup functionality, spam filtering, maintenance and support.

Hosted Email provides access anywhere at any time

When you use hosted email from Vodacom you can access email anywhere at any time – not only from your desktop or laptop, but from any Windows-enabled mobile device as well. Our hosted email solutions can give all your mobile users rich Microsoft Hosted Email and Outlook functionality and constant email connectivity.

Having access to your email while out of the office is essential to retaining your edge in the demanding and highly competitive marketplace in which we operate today. Using our hosted email solutions your hosted email will be available whether you are in the office, at client locations, at home or travelling.

Over and above this, you and your team members will have access to a full suite of hosted email applications, including contacts, calendars and shared folders – from anywhere at any time.

Hosted Email delivers increased efficiency and productivity

Email is crucial to effective business operation. Hosted email services ensure that wherever you or your team members are, the latest information will always be available to you – be it an updated document or critical last-minute information required for a business meeting.

No-one will be hamstrung when they’re not at the office. Because everyone can work from anywhere, you’ll be able to use your time optimally.

You’ll also all be able to collaborate more efficiently, through shared access to Hosted email, calendars and folders