Hosted Email Details

Our hosted email solutions, powered by Microsoft Hosted Email, are ideal for all businesses.

These solutions will address the email requirements of any small, medium or large business that has multiple users requiring separate, individual email access that is centrally managed by a company email server.

The best way to decide which hosted email solution is best for your business is to evaluate the degree of collaboration that your business users require, and whether or not they require mobile access to email.

If you have a small business with basic email requirements

Each hosted email solution option offers Outlook Web Access to a personal mailbox and personal folders (email, contacts, calendar and tasks). Each user receives an email address on your company domain, along with anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

If this is all you need, then the Hosted Email Basic solution is the one to choose. This solution will address basic email requirements and is also a very affordable option. If you’re a start-up SMME, this is an excellent way of getting a robust business-class email hosting solution without incurring large monthly costs.

If your business needs email collaboration and mobile access

The Hosted Email Standard solution includes all of the above hosted email functionality and tools that Hosted Email Basic offers, along with Outlook 2007 functionality, powerful collaboration capabilities and mobile device access to email.

The ability for your users to share email folders means that your team members won’t have to rely on any specific user in order to access information that is only in his or her personal mailbox. All users can share mailboxes, as well as folders, tasks and contact lists, ensuring your teams have access to the information they need at all times.

The shared calendar and group scheduling features allow team members to see when other members are free or busy, and to schedule meetings accordingly. This can greatly improve efficiency in your organisation.

Everyone in your organisation will have remote access to their email and all the other functionality while out of the office and on the move, using mobile devices, like cellphones and smartphones. Full mobile synchronisation ensures that all mobile devices are kept up-to-date with the latest information on your mail server.

If your business requires hosted email as well as a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook

The Hosted Email Standard Plus solution is bundled with a license to run one instance of Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Entourage 2008 in one physical or virtual operating system environment. If your business is using any of these Microsoft products, but is not properly licensed, this option is perfect for you.

The Entourage 2008 client allows those in your organization who are using Mac operating systems (from version 8.5 onwards) to enjoy the same email functionality as those using Windows. This solution also offers all of the functionality of the two other hosted email solution options.