Hosted Lync

Hosted Lync enables cost-effective VoIP communications and VPN connectivity for small, medium and large businesses and organisations.

Any business that makes significant use of telephony could see immediate benefits by using our Microsoft Lync service. It allows you to make and receive VoIP calls from your Microsoft Lync  platform instead of using traditional telephony. Call quality is very high, while costs are lower – and there is no need for any infrastructure expenditure.

Who would use Microsoft Lync from Vodacom?

If your business needs a secure, low-cost communications channel to supplement or replace your traditional telephone service, then our Microsoft Lync technology will benefit you.

We use SIP trunking technology to connect your Lync system to the Vodacom VoIP network. SIP trunking means that you – the customer – is guarantee of a dedicated, secure, always available connection to the Vodacom VoIP Platform.

Other Businesses that will specifically benefit from our Lync SIP Trunking service:

  • Call centres with high outbound call volumes or large cellular requirements.
  • Businesses that are currently experiencing network congestion and poor quality voice communications.
  • Any large business seeking a cost effective alternative to traditional fixed line telephony suppliers.
  • Large corporates and businesses with multiple sites connecting to the Vodacom MPLS IP Network via a Virtual Private Network.

Our Microsoft Lync trunking solution can offer you reduced business telephony costs, while giving you a high-quality VoIP alternative.