Hosted Lync Benefits

LyncTM gives you real-time presence information and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to help you connect more efficiently and effectively.

  • Get instant information

    The streamlined contact card experience gives users greater context and more relevant information

    Published phone numbers
    Organisational structure
    Office information

  • Stay connected

    Presence information displays user location and a photograph while giving users control with enhanced privacy settings
    Presence status can be set by a user or automatically based on calendar, login status etc.
    Individualise sharing access levels for different contacts

  • Connect instantly with IM

    Start an IM session for quick responses to questions
    Invite multiple parties to join in the conversation
    Reconnect to a topic by rejoining existing conversations

  • One contact list

    Unified contacts across LyncTM and Microsoft® Exchange Server

  • Audio, video and web conferencing

    Create, moderate, and join ad hoc collaboration sessions and online meetings with internal users
    A rich user experience and a unified interface make it easy for people to work together effectively when in-person meetings are not possible

  • Richer experience

    Conferencing is no longer a compromise when you have video, one-click desktop sharing, easy meeting requests and the ability to start a conference on a mobile phone and continue on a PC
    LyncTM brings a single-client experience to users, making ad hoc collaboration and online meetings more convenient for participants and meeting organisers

  • Easily schedule and join conferences

    Set up online meetings right from Microsoft Outlook® with an easy-to-use scheduling plug-in
    Join the conference from your PC, mobile device or desktop phone

  • Reduce costs

    Save as much as 60% in capital and IT running costs
    Integrate ad hoc collaboration and online meetings with one unified communications platform rather than relying on expensive third-party conferencing solutions