Hosted SharePoint

The hosted content management solution from Vodacom, powered by industry-leading Microsoft SharePoint, gives you complete document and information security and control.

One of your primary concerns when choosing a hosted content management solution is, quite understandably, security. Never mind the hassle of losing documents or information, intellectual property and its protection is a prime consideration in any competitive business environment.

The hosted content management solution from Vodacom provides complete security. We use a combination of physical security and Sharepoint Foundation security features to give you peace of mind in the most critical areas of information security:

  • full protection against loss of information
  • full protection against intrusion

Our hosted content management servers are situated in our secure Data Centre, which has robust physical security mechanisms with state-of-the-art firewalls and other security software. It is fully protected against data loss and unauthorised access. You can be confident that your information will always be available, while remaining only accessible to those in your organisation who are authorised to access it.

All information is fully and continuously backed up, with comprehensive assurance systems in place.

Your hosted content management solution runs on the leading industry software – Microsoft SharePoint Server, which has a host of security features that are purpose-designed to handle all security requirements for any level of enterprise, from small companies to large corporations.

Hosted content management on SharePoint – security features

  • MS Active Directory and Windows NTLM Authentication
  • Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server integration
  • Redundant firewalls
  • Secure line access protected by SSL encryption technology

We understand the importance of your business information and have created a secure hosted content management environment, including:

Customisable security access
SharePoint allows you to set access permissions at a variety of levels. You can grant different levels of access to different users to suit your requirements. For instance, your senior management can have global access to your entire hosted content management server, while other staff can be given access to specific folders only. Still others may only need access to specific documents. Whatever your access needs, flexible security policies allow you to configure everything at will.

Secure mobile access
Vodacom provides seamless mobile integration with your hosted content management solution. You can configure access permissions based on mobile device users and the actual mobile devices themselves.

However, because of our mobile technology infrastructure, we are able to provide additional security features, such as PIN access management, and mobile access activation and expiry.

When you entrust your business content and information to our hosted content management solution, you’re assured of the best security available in the industry.