SharePoint Benefits

There are multiple benefits to using the Sharepoint solution from Vodacom as your company’s hosted information management platform.

A Sharepoint platform will give your company a feature-rich, easy-to-use and cost-effective information management, where your staff/ employees can create, store, share, edit and collaborate on many different types of information, in a variety of ways – from anywhere, at any time.

Hosted information management benefits at a glance

  • Collaboration for improved productivity
    With our Sharepoint solution your company’s users are able to create collaborative workspaces, in which they can create and organise documents (with version control, tracking and document-level security). They can also share information in a number of other ways, including announcements, alerts, discussion forums, notifications, email and messaging.
  • Controlled and accurate document management
    Documents can be authored, revised, shared and edited with ease, ensuring that everyone who needs to have access to the information, will always have the most up to date version at the right time. Document integrity is constantly maintained, for complete peace of mind. Full back-up functionality is also provided to protect the company against loss of information.
  • Comprehensive information management
    Hosted information management is not limited to files and documents only.The comprehensive information management suite within the SharePoint solution allows your users to also share calendars, tasks, schedules, notifications and notice boards.
  • User-friendly web-based interface
    All users interact with the SharePoint solution through a browser-based interface. It’s easy to access and use, with flexible, customisable views and simple navigation. Your users will be able to spend more time working, without having to grapple with the interface, thus increasing productivity.
  • Complete information security
    Your SharePoint solution is securely housed within the Vodacom Data Centre, providing physical and software security for your hosted information management system. Over and above this, you can configure custom security and access permissions, down to the level of document-specific secured access.There are advanced administrative controls to help manage your security features, while decreasing costs and complexity. You can set permissions for individual users, teams and work groups that then run automatically, allowing your business security policies to be perfectly mirrored in your hosted information management environment.
  • Work anywhere at any time
    Remote access is fully supported with this Sharepoint solution – your organisation’s members can work while out of the office and on the move. The web-based interface means that all your team members need is an Internet connection and a web-compatible device, such as a desktop, laptop, mobile device or cellphone. All files, information and content can be synchronised so that team can also work offline. Team members can communicate, coordinate their schedules, and participate in discussions, and share documents and information from different locations concurrently.
  • Reduced administrative overhead and demand
    Information management with our Sharepoint solution requires minimal administrative demands on your business. Whether you need a single workspace or a more complex enterprise-level platform, you’ll get a flexible and scalable solution that we administer for you. This gives you a ready-to-use solution that you won’t have to waste resources on maintaining the set-up and maintenance of such a system..
  • Cost effective web-based applications
    By using our Sharepoint service you can create flexible and scalable online business applications and websites that can serve as intranets, extranets, commercial websites, blogs or wikis. You can create applications to manage workspaces, portals, intranets, websites and internal knowledge bases and document libraries.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Your hosted information management platform can be tailored to suit the current requirements of current business, and easily adapted as your business needs change. It’s an environment that can grow and adapt with your business.

The Sharepoint solution from Vodacom translates into improved collaboration, efficiency and productivity for your business, without the complexity, costs and resources that would be involved in setting up an in-house information management system.