Mobile Sharepoint

The Sharepoint Hosting solution from Vodacom delivers rich, mobile content management functionality.

No matter where they are, all your company users will have the ability to access and work on your content management system using their web-enabled mobile devices (like cellphones, smartphones and PDAs). Access is fully secure, and your Sharepoint functionality always available – allowing you to work from wherever you are to stay productive. This Vodacom solution is the ultimate in modern mobile content management.

All your Sharepoint portals, document libraries, scheduling and communication methods can be accessed using a mobile device, just as you would when using a desktop computer. A simplified text-only format has been implemented to create smooth and efficient rendering of Sharepoint on mobile devices, taking into account the screen size and their ergonomic requirements. The result is a mobile content management interface that is uncluttered, easy to use, and versatile.

This gives you seamless interaction between your server and any wap-enabled mobile device.

Sharepoint on mobile devices features

Your mobile users will be able to:

  • access and organise documents
  • manage document libraries
  • access and manage tasks and lists
  • access and manage contacts, calendars and scheduling
  • participate on discussion boards
  • communicate using a variety of methods (variable according to the device e.g. email, instant messaging)
  • receive alerts and information feeds

This means that everyone will be able to remain completely productive when on the move, away from their desktops or laptops, or when out of the office. Enhanced mobile synchronisation means that all mobile devices connected to your Sharepoint server are continually and automatically updated with the latest information on your hosted content management server.

Mobile content management is easily and affordably enabled with mobile Sharepoint functionality.

The Sharepoint Foundation software has been designed to meet the needs of today’s diversified way of working. Its collaborative tools gives your users business enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness as team members will be able to work from wherever they are, be it at client sites, while travelling or at home

Our low monthly fees make this a really viable option for the modern business – offering you the rich functionality of a powerful enterprise-level hosted content management system that completely relieves you of the financial and resource burdens of buying, installing, securing and maintaining a system that can support all your mobile users with wap-enabled cellphones.

Full mobile content management security

When accessing content management on mobile devices, not only is your information protected by secure and encrypted access mechanisms, you can also configure your content management server to distribute and apply security measures to mobile devices. Access permissions can be set per device.

Using Vodacom’s cellular network infrastructure will also be able to configure and use additional security features. This includes PIN access management and secure mobile access activation and expiry. These give you an extra layer of protection that many other hosted content management suppliers cannot provide.

The mobile Sharepoint solution from Vodacom can give your business secure mobile content management access anytime, anywhere – it’s a complete, cost-effective and efficient mobile solution for companies on the move.