Key Benefits

  • Single-Sign on

    A single sign-on provides access to all the services on the Productivity Bundle.

  • Security

    Having only one domain means better security through a single security policy for all users. An administrator account is usually set to manage the services and users in the customer account.

  • Single Group Policy

    With a single Group IT Policy, management polices need to be defined only once, and can be used throughout the entire enterprise. The single platform also provides easy monitoring and management of the services.

  • Improved/latest functionality and easy upgrade

    Always have access to latest to the latest versions of the Microsoft solutions.

  • Efficient communication

    No matter how many locations the company has, how far they are apart or how far the employees travel, Productivity Suite ensures they always remain in touch. Employees can easily use e-mails, voice calls or instant messengers or share documents; determine one another’s availability at work and manage meeting schedules.

  • Scalability

    no need to invest in software or server hardware. You can have exactly what you need for a low monthly or annual fee.

  • Reliable IT tools

    Your subscription covers all software and backend hardware maintenance costs – they are located in top quality datacenters and managed by the best specialists.