Finance and Insurance Services

Our IoT solutions help your business evolve faster to meet the needs of the market. We deliver tangible value through innovative technology solutions enabling fast and cost effective connectivity solutions for payment terminals and real-time monitoring of valuable assets. It is a low bandwidth, reliable, secure solution, especially suited for the financial and the retail sectors.

Our IoT Solutions for Finance and Retail Services include:

ATMLink is a reliable terrestrial ATM connectivity solution that allows banks to rapidly accelerate ATM deployments, significantly cutting down initial capital expenditure and reducing operational cost. The solution delivered connectivity over a dual SIM 3G/4G device, providing seamless always on connectivity.

BackUp utilises the mobile network to provide a failover for your primary connectivity. Our Mobile BackUp solution runs on mobile wireless networks to connect to the customer’s router as an auto failover in the event of loss of connectivity on the primary connection.

It is suitable for businesses that run critical business applications where downtime is not an option. It is also suitable for retail POS where connectivity to a central server is required for transactions to be completed.