Network Solutions

Bring together all your communications between sites and remote workers, onto a single reliable and secure private network, able to provide both national and global reach when you need it.

Our Network solutions give your business a powerful, intelligent, virtual private network and dedicated Internet connectivity that connect you with your stakeholders and resources, locally and abroad.

It provides a secure and reliable network, which intelligently optimises your wide area communications and business applications. Our network solutions enable you to prioritise time-sensitive traffic, ensuring high availability and dependability over both satellite and terrestrial links at high bandwidth speeds.

Our Network Solutions are:

With our Global IPVPN solution, businesses can operate secure communication circuits within branches and head offices regardless of geographical boarders, on one single enterprise IPVPN network with coverage across 5 continents.

This is a managed network solution delivered through a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) platform. This service ensures greater network speeds through efficient data transmission, reduced latencies and traffic prioritization.

Vodacom’s Global IPVPN service gives worldwide coverage and global networking power, allowing businesses to remotely collaborate with partners anywhere in the world with confidence that the network and customer data is always secure.

Traffic for voice, video and business critical applications is always prioritised, allowing access to information when needed.

We offer a fully managed end to end solution that enables your business define five different classes of service to prioritise data packets across the network, offering a 24hrs proactive monitoring service, auto rerouting and self-healing.

This is a last mile terrestrial broadband wireless access solution for multi-branch metropolitan networking.
This solution ensures that your local business data traffic stays local to the metropolitan area of your business operation.

It is a fully redundant metro network allows your businesses to stay always.

Dedicated Internet Access from Vodacom Business Nigeria delivers premium dedicated connectivity solution with uncontended bandwidth delivered over fibre, microwave or satellite. We offer you high-speed Internet connectivity at guaranteed quality, with access provisioned through our redundant high capacity undersea fibre cable systems.
Our Dedicated Internet Access is available over:
Fibre: Ideal for the business that needs reliable, high-speed or data-intensive connectivity with applications that demand high bandwidth.
Microwave: Well suited for a business with large numbers of employees who all need simultaneous connectivity for email, messaging and data transfer. Our Dedicated Internet over microwave access is also ideal for a business with remote sites where fixed-line access is not available.
Satellite: This solution offers a high-speed business-class connectivity that is always-on, reliable and available anywhere in the country. We can offer this solution for a single site or multiple locations across the country, tailored to your business IT needs.

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