Virtual Server Hosting Solutions

Vodacom’s managed virtual server hosting enables you to rent virtual servers with the ability to configure to your required specifications. This saves you from having to invest in costly servers and allows you to only pay for what you require. You can then remotely access your virtual servers via a secure broadband or VPN connection.

A scalable virtual server hosting solution that saves you money

You can easily scale your virtual server hosting environment up or down as you need to without any business interruption. You can add or remove servers and server resources as you need them. The control is in your own hands.

Cloud manager gives you full remote virtual sever hosting control

You have web portal access to your virtual server hosting environment from anywhere, allowing you to manage it without having to contact a call centre. Support is on hand if you need it, of course.

The cloud manager allows you to treat your virtual resources and data as a private IT cloud. You not only get the power of total control over your IT cloud – you also gain a much clearer and more detailed understanding of your IT use and costs.